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The Journey of a Houseboy to Significance
Paul Philip Iwok's authobiographical book is an inspiration for any young person who desires a life different from the one they were given.
  • The author is authentic
  • The story is true
  • The book presents a pathway forward
  • The book has a happy ending

"I first encountered Paul Philip Iwok at a professional seminar in Chicago, where I purchased a copy of 'The Journey.' Paul's story enlightened me about his past, while educating me about children and youth in Nigeria and their gifts, talents, and the challenges they overcome. Paul Philip Iwok is a good man, who has a great passion for changing the whole world around more whole children." ~ Derek Peterson, International Child/Youth Advocate

Paul Philip Iwok shows how youth's lives can improve when they change the way they see themselves and the world around them; when they stop seeing life in black & white and move to seeing life in full-color.
Derek Peterson, Founder of Integrative Youth Development™

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