Webs of Support Nigeria

Children's Rights & Integrative Youth Development™


(a)  Create grass root awareness for parents and other Anchoring adults to value the need to build a Web of Support™ for every child as a basis for national growth and development. 
(b)  Reduce child abuse by teaching parents and other Anchors to build and sustain Webs of Support™ for all children. 
(c) Encourage religious leaders to recognize their indispensable role in the child's character development through building Webs of Support™ for them.
(d) Promote core PHamily values as a necessity for nation building.
(e) Show young families the side effects of broken homes on their children's Webs of Support™.
(f) Discourage rural-urban migration by showing the true value of attachment to place on their Web of Supports™. 
(g) Encourage youths to embrace Web of Support™ building activities as a fundamental tool for a sustainable life.