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Why Nigeria? WHY NOW?

By Derek Peterson, Founder of the Web of Support

Nigeria: Embracing Full Color Vision for a Thriving Future Among the nations with large populations of children and youth, Nigeria stands as a country of incredible diversity, energy, and promise. With a population of 213.4 million, Nigeria's cultural landscape is enriched by its people's varied histories, traditions, and aspirations. As this nation steps into its future, the time has come for Nigeria to not just see, but to see in Full Color.

A Youthful Nation Ready to Shine: Nigeria's statistics tell a story of a youthful nation, brimming with potential. With a median age of 17.2 years, the majority of Nigeria's population is in the age group that holds the promise of shaping the nation's destiny. With a population density of 636 people per square mile, the country is a tapestry of vibrant communities, each thread contributing to the overall fabric of the nation.

Webs of Support - Illuminating the Path Forward: Yet, in this intricate weave of youthful energy and potential, there lies a need for a guiding vision and actionable objectives. And, that is where Integrative Youth Development can support. The concept of a Web of Support is not just a fanciful idea, but a necessity for Nigeria's growth and progress. A Web of Support weaves together Anchoring adults, teachers, parents, communities, and institutional employees into networks upon networks of webs, where the youth are not just seen, but understood, valued, and empowered.

Nurturing Resilience, Fostering Thriving: Nigeria's youthful population is a wellspring of innovation, creativity, and HOPE. However, the path to realizing this potential can be strewn with challenges. The Full Color Web of Support acts as a safety net, catching those who might otherwise fall through the cracks. By connecting each young person with caring adults, role models, and institutions, Nigeria can nurture their resilience, enabling them to weather life's storms while staying steadfast on the path to their dreams.

A Vision Beyond Survival: The statistics paint a compelling picture: 43.29% of Nigeria's population is between 0 and 14 years, and 53.73% is between 15 and 64 years. This is a window of opportunity that cannot be overlooked. Through a well-established Web of Support, Nigeria can transition from merely surviving to thriving. When young minds are nurtured, when they're shown the beauty of their dreams and the path to achieving them, Nigeria's economic growth is bound to soar.

Reducing Poverty, Enhancing Well-being: A Full Color Web of Support isn't just about dreams; it's about practical impact. By empowering Nigeria's youth through education, youth and adult connections, and guidance, the nation can pave the way for reduced poverty rates. These young individuals, armed with knowledge, skills, and support, will be better equipped to access opportunities and make informed decisions that lead to a better life.

Countering Social Disengagement and Addictions: A connected, cared-for youth is less likely to stray into the shadows of social disengagement or fall victim to the clutches of addiction. A Web of Support provides a sense of belonging, a reminder that they are not alone on their journey. It nurtures their sense of purpose, making them less susceptible to negative influences that might otherwise steer them astray.

Embracing Full Color: As Nigeria stands at the crossroads of its future, it holds within its hands the opportunity to embrace Full Color vision. To see its youth not just as statistics, but as individuals with dreams, aspirations, and potential waiting to be unlocked. By weaving the threads of mentorship, guidance, and support into a comprehensive Web of Support, Nigeria can empower its youth to dream big, reach high, and contribute significantly to the nation's progress.

Nigeria is a canvas of potential, a nation ready to see beyond survival and embrace the hues of thriving. It's time for Nigeria to illuminate its future, to see its youth in Full Color, and to provide the nurturing embrace of a Full Color Web of Support.