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A Graduate of Paul and Aniekan's Seminars writes....

New Year greetings to you Amb Paul Philip Iwok. I want to use this medium to appreciate you for the impact you have created in my life through your programme ever since we cross our paths few years ago. Your web of support program truly gave me the good foundation as a teenager of yesterday to focus more on my life goals. Today, I have graduated from Akwa Ibom State University, about to go for my National Service. As a grown up Girl now, I am seeing all what you taught us playing out as the day passes. I really appreciate you Sir. God bless you. My name remain Glory Joshua Obot, from Abak, Akwa Ibom State, a beneficiary of your web of support program through my former Church in Utu Abak. I want to appeal that this programme should be done frequently especially in rural villages, perhaps interstate so as to reach out to as many youth as possible. I want them to see the light like me.

Thank you beloved Daddy Paul Iwok.

I am your little Daughter,

Glory Joshua Obot.

Good things are happening

Special new year greetings to you Ambassador Paul Iwok! My name is Miss Iniobong Denis Monday Udo, the Daughter of Pastor Denis Monday Udo. My father is the Presiding Pastor of Christian Believers Power Ministry in Utu Abak in Abak. I want to show gratitude and thank you and that White Woman, Kathrine Stone who visited our Church on 19th July, 2019 to teach us about youth development web of support. All the things you, Kathrine and your Wife taught us are working for me but I need more exposure Sir. I have been thinking about how to reconnect with you people again. I am ready to always attend your youth programs for more learning. Please don’t be far away from us, we need you more now that we are fully grown as youths. I hope that you will want to visit us again. May God continue to bless you sir. Thank you Sir.